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Millions of Americans are making the switch to solar. With the 40% tax incentives now available, isn’t it time you joined them? We’re here to help.

How It Works

The Solar Network System

1. Connect With An Expert

Our Solar Expert will review your property, your energy needs, and do all the legwork to find out what the ideal solar installation would look like for your needs.

2. Get Your Free Personalized Solar Analysis

You’ll receive a detailed but easy-to-understand report on how much you’ll save by owning a solar energy system instead of relying on the utility.

3. Decide What’s Right For You

We offer our trademark “No-Pressure Guarantee” at every stage of the decision process so that you can decide for yourselves if saving money by going solar makes financial sense for your family.


How are you able to offer these services free of charge?

We’re able to offer our services free of charge to you, our solar partners in our network pay us to do the leg work for them. It’s a win-win-win

What do you mean by “The Solar Network?”

TSN is the hub of an ever-expanding network of solar and energy efficiency related local, regional, and national providers and contractors. We hold each and every provider to our exacting standards of excellence and integrity for their work to ensure a care-free solar experience for our customers. 

Does your network cover my area?
We cover most states in the USA. to see if your address is within our service area. 
Is TSN a sustainable, responsible, and ethical company?

The majority of the providers we use are certified B corporations, with the exception of the smaller companies for whom that classification doesn’t fit. 

Do solar panels make sense for my home?
Find out by taking our quick  !

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From Renting Their Power, To Owning It.

Between the Federal tax incentives and our electric bill savings, our Solar Network installation has nearly paid for itself in half the time we thought!

Bill & Jan M.

Solar Customer

Everyone I know is afraid of power outages and electrical grid failure, but I’ve been energy-independent since joining the Solar Network!

Shelia O.

Solar Customer

I used to run my house hot throughout the summer, and my wife hated it! But since we joined the Solar Network, I’ll let her set the temp however cool she likes. I knew we’d save money, but I never imagined the peace going solar would bring!

Tony B

Solar Customer